About Us


Commercial, empathetic, insightful, creative, collaborative.

My partners and I believe these are the key words for our values, based on our knowledge of ourselves and from feedback previous colleagues and clients… All fairly safe – we’ve missed out “opportunistic”. If we see a gap or one of our clients has a challenge, we’ll look to see if we can make something of it. This won’t work without honesty and trust, of course, so if we are taking on something new we will tell you.


Paul Hussey

  • Over 25 years experience in senior delivery roles in the meetings and events industry as a business manager and owner, business development manager and consultant.
  • Experience includes executing wide ranging meeting and events strategies and the introduction and development of programmes with Accountancy Firms, Retail, Finance and Government and advising across many other sectors.Paul
  • Excellent interpersonal skills; able to engage and gain respect from the most expert and experienced event stakeholders, gaining trust, meaningful input, and consensus for change.
  • Sustained record for effectively managing change in collaboration with other specialisms; eg commercial, finance, legal, IT, compliance.
  • Proven “adaptor” across business environments and ability and confidence to communicate at every level and patiently and sensitively engage with people to understand issues from different perspectives and cultures to improve ways of working and to guide them through the change process.
  • When a business owner, set up company division dedicated to events in the Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Creative business mind to identify and tackle existing problems and ability to create innovative solutions.
  • Industry speaker on event strategies.
  • High event technology awareness, serving on the judging panel of the leading global event technology award for over 10 years.