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Agents, where is the value..?

“What do your clients really say about you when you are not in the room?”

If you are reading on expecting a rant centred on agent bashing then I am sorry, I will disappoint you on this occasion. Given the backgrounds of The Conference Doctor that should not be a huge surprise to you! I am not debating today the value of engaging an agency, that is one for another day, but I do wonder how many agents really understand the principle of value creation.

We will save you 30% off rack rate by booking through us.” M O S T Agencies’ 1994-2014

Compelling? Not really. While that may be true what is also true is that is not an exclusive offer to the agent making that claim, the client may well be able to obtain the same rate themselves and how many corporates can really bank savings from rack as a true benefit these days anyway?

Procurement is often cited as being one of the biggest challenges an agency faces. Procurement is one of the three ‘P’ words, the other two are Pitching and Payment, in terms of perils according to agencies in the C&IT State of the Industry 2014 report. Reading further into the report it actually looks like procurement get the blame for the other two ‘P’ words also! My issue with blaming procurement for everything is that allows a state of blissful ignorance to exist within the agency community rather than apportioning blame appropriately.

I am not sure agents are particularly good at articulating the real value they bring never mind demonstrating it. I will go further and suggest they may not all understand what is truly valued by clients either. Value is not the highest percentage discount from rack you think you can get away with stating, negotiation is just one component of the value package.

And in answer to the inevitable question following the above statements…Yes, the other value components can also be equated to a monetary value for all those who argue procurement are only interested in pounds and pence conversations.  

The Doctors have been helping agents win and retain clients for many years by delivering a value proposition to clients that is easily understood by all, including procurement. We believe good agents deliver an invaluable service and should be recognised and rewarded when they do so.

Contact us for a house visit and get everything from a health check to a full diagnostic review on how you create value for your clients, and get them saying what you want them to about your business.

Now, some of the things they say when you are not in the room are…

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