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As mergers, acquisitions, MBO’s, start-ups and shut downs occur, to create an ever changing landscape, who are the real specialist UK meeting (not event) management companies now? issued the 2014 CMI 25 using a methodology that considered total number of meetings & incentives executed and the number of room nights used in connection with as the most important factors. What we are looking at here is slightly more subjective but, it could be argued, general consensus amongst a qualified respondent group will give a more accurate reflection!

The rules are as follows;

1. You can nominate your company. However, if you only name your company it does suggest a lack of competitor awareness!

2. You can list as many businesses as you think is right. If it is the same organisation repeatedly please see point 1!

3. You can explain the rationale for each of your choices. Please do that rather than take an opportunity to explain why you have not listed certain companies!

To have your say please follow this survey link

All responses will be anonymous and we will publish the results of this survey on UK specialist meeting management companies as soon as the weight of response indicates we should do…