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Meeting Design


Meeting Design provides the methodology that allows you to move from believing in ROI to actually achieving measurable outcomes.

To produce outcomes that cause behaviour change, you need an in-depth understanding of meeting processes and how to influence them.

Meeting Design

Meeting Design is a relatively new profession. A Meeting Designer works with meetings as a specific means of communication, just like newspapers or television. The work of a Meeting Designer is to bring content, objectives and participants’ expectations together and to design the programme in a way that makes it effective, engaging and conducive towards the organizational objectives. He works for the Meeting Owner and cooperates with PCO’s, AV companies, Speakers and Facilitators. His final consumers are the meeting participants, and his clients’ wishes are the design compass by which he sails.

For the first time in the UK you have a chance to participate in a highly successful course.

Meeting Designer from the Netherlands and author of “Into the Heart of Meetings”, Mike van der Vijver, will visit London on the 10th & 11th of June, for a Meeting Design Training Course. To add local focus the training will be given in close cooperation with The Conference Doctor.

Meeting Design is gaining ever more attention from all those who use meetings as a means of communications. This is only logical. Whether to achieve business goals or any kind of change in organizations, meetings can only be effective if their programs are designed well.

The Course

The course will focus on the main basics of designing meeting programmes. Topics covered include: use the venue and the room lay-out to influence participant behaviour, give shape to the decisive first 5 minutes of the programme, optimize content and format, and others.

In addition, course participants will learn how to cure major meeting headaches like: long personal introduction rounds, boring content, official formalities and poor speakers.

The course is designed for meeting professionals who want to exert greater influence on meeting outcomes; communication experts who want to improve their understanding of the medium; change agents and consultants who want to use meetings effectively.

The course will, of course, be highly interactive. The programme is built around a whole series of design assignments, close cooperation with fellow learners and some surprises.

The Endorsements

ICCA’s CEO Martin Sirk is a firm believer in the vital importance of Meeting Design for any company, organisation or individual striving to be successful in tomorrow’s meetings industry: 

“Mike and Eric’s book, “Into the Heart of Meetings”, is quite simply the most stimulating book on meetings that I’ve come across in two and a half decades in the meetings industry, and is the reason why ICCA invited them to collaborate on many of the design elements in our own annual Congress, significantly increasing our levels of innovation and delegate engagement.
I can unreservedly recommend attending their Meeting Design course, and believe their ideas have the power to transform traditional thinking about our business, and can make your meetings dramatically more effective and enjoyable.”

The Dutch Chapter of Meeting Professionals International (MPI) offered this course to its members in early 2014. It received the highest-ever ratings of all MPI Netherlands educationals. Participants said about this course:

“Meeting Design is about creating the perfect event; one during which you will reach your goals“.

“After this training, I have realised that just about everything we have been doing in the Meeting & Event Industry in the past is wrong!“

In January 2015, the first international edition was given in Malmö, Sweden. The participants said about this course:

“The training was the perfect mix of theory and practice with quite challenging group exercises in real world scenarios which really had an impact on the way we will approach events in future. With Mike we had a very experienced expert and mind-set changer and learned a lot about maximizing meeting effectiveness by better activating the bodies and souls who are present”.

“To actually make each meeting count is important to me – and meeting design is a wonderful approach to make that happen. The course gave me new angles on- for example – how to make the content stick, on the influence of the togetherness environment, on how to make speakers see their role in the meeting and on how to design an end of a meeting that gives a direction ahead”.

For 2 years in a row, MindMeeting conducted Meeting Design Training in India in close collaboration with IdentCITY. Participants said about this course:

“The workshop is a combination of conference frameworks, case studies, practical ideas and thoughtful suggestions, Into the Heart of Meetings can help us design successful meeting experiences and ensure desired outcomes”

“A must attend workshop for the meeting industry professionals and all service providers. It’s an eye opener to me, and I will surely implement the ideas that I learned in this workshop”.

The Course Practicalities

Dates: 10 – 11 June 2015

Venue: Central London

Price: £ 795.00 + VAT. Includes: one copy for each participant of “Into the Heart of Meetings”; refreshments and lunch on each day. Each second registration from the same organization is entitled to a 10% discount.

Registration: Please send an email to with your invoicing data (incl. VAT number) and you will receive a registration form and invoice with payment details. Registration is complete and will be confirmed upon receipt of your payment.

Meeting DesignThe Book

“Into the Heart of Meetings”, by Mike van der Vijver and Eric de Groot was released early 2013 and received worldwide recognition as a standard work on Meeting Design. Among those who endorsed it are ICCA’s CEO Martin Sirk, Leaseplan’s CEO Vahid Daemi and veteran of the Australian Meeting industry Elizabeth Rich. Please go to for reviews.

Further Information

If you have any questions concerning the course or other issues, please contact us at or