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SEMP… where do you start?


“If you could only run half of last year’s events this year, which would you keep?”

Confidence appears to be returning to the Events industry after a prolonged period of gradual budget decrease. Planners appear to be looking further forward now as well with discussions already advancing well for 2015 events. So, happy days are here again and agents and suppliers can await the inevitable flurry of high spend activity as a result?

43% of corporate event planners expect a budget increase in 2014, while 29% believe budgets will stay the same and 14% have not finalised plans yet.” C&IT State of the Industry report 2014

I am not so sure. Nearly a third of corporates surveyed in the report said that budgets are their biggest issue and yet more than half expect to run more B2B events in 2014. Procurement, having finally begun to get their arms around the mysterious world of events, are unlikely to relinquish interest in this area. I believe now is the right time to review the events that were run in 2013 and consider some of the following questions to ensure you build a program of events that is sustainable in every sense of the word.  

What was the attrition rate and why did the expected number of attendees fail to materialise? Which events are still living now in social networks and real behavioural change rather than in a distant memory? Which are fundamental to business performance and which are you struggling to convert into pounds and pence?

A strategic event management program (SEMP) is not about commoditising events and stifling creativity. It is about running events that have executive sponsorship from the C suite and the F suite because the return on investment is tangible not just emotive. Events should be an integral part of a Marcomms strategy and not be perceived as luxury items that can be cut at the first sign of an economic wobble.

The Conference Doctor has been helping organisations manage their event strategy through good times and bad and can make events as compelling for the CEO and FD as they are for the organisers and attendees.

Contact us for a house visit and get everything from a health check to a full diagnostic review on how your SEMP is working for you.

Now, which of those events are keepers…

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Author: The Conference Doctor              Published: 16 June 2014