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SMMP, where shall I begin..?

“Most SMMP’s start in the wrong place”

A strategic meetings management program (SMMP) is now considered integral to any organisation who has significant spend in the meetings and events arena. Defined by NBTA as ‘the strategic management of enterprise-wide meeting related processes, spend, volumes, standards and suppliers to achieve quantitative cost-savings, risk mitigation and superior service’ there are numerous white papers and self-proclaimed experts to advise on how best to manage external spend. Unfortunately what is consistently conspicuous by absence is the importance of utilising alternatives to external meeting venues.

”I can never seem to get a meeting room internally, however, every time I walk past a meeting room it is empty”

I have lost track of the number of times I have heard the above quote when talking to organisations and it does not change if they are a multi-location corporation or a single site SME. One of the most significant ways to reduce your M&E spend is to challenge the need to meet externally in the first place. This can unravel very quickly though if it appears nigh on impossible to ever utilise internal resources.

Technology is an enabler but it is not the single solution to this issue. You may have internal meeting space but is it actually configured to match your demand? You have invested in virtual conferencing capability within your organisation but does anyone know this, or when to use it? What does your T&E policy tell you to do, or is this important area missing? What does utilisation look like versus demand?

The Conference Doctor has worked with numerous organisations to optimise usage of alternatives to meeting externally and delivered real bottom line benefit. There are meetings and events that will always require an external venue and we would never suggest otherwise, what we can do is support stopping those that do not becoming a costly issue.

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Author: The Conference Doctor              Published: 13 June 2014